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Will levaquin heal strep throat

Will levaquin heal strep throat

Untreated Strep Throat Can Lead To.

Levaquin prescribed for strep throat?.
Strep throat, or streptococcal pharyngitis, is the most common throat infection caused by a bacteria. It is found most often in children between the ages of 4 and 15

Levaquin for Sore Throat

Will levaquin heal strep throat

Strep Throat - Medpedia

18.05.2006  Strep throat symptoms are usually easy to spot. Strep throat is a local bacterial infection with
Levaquin (levofloxacin) is used to treat bronchitis, pneumonia, chlamydia, gonorrhea and skin infections. Includes Levaquin side effects, interactions and indications.
Levaquin Is Used to Treat

Levaquin (levofloxacin) Information from.

Yes, you can take Levaquin for strep. It is not the antibiotic of choice for strep throat. Penicillin or Macrolides are first and second choice, respectively
I went to the doctor yesterday suspecting that I had strephe did a culture which needs to be sent out but he did feel it was indeed strep. I am allergic to pcn so
Can you take levaquin for strep throat.
Strep throat: 132 Answers - Usermeds.
  • Identifying Strep Throat Symptoms.

  • 21.06.2006  While sore throat is an ailment that clears on itself within a few days, strep throat often requires medical treatment with antibiotics. Physicians claim
    Strep Throat, Rotten Bananas and Your. Strep throat: 132 Answers - Usermeds.