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1972 shasta compact layout

Shasta Compact Trailer for Sale Beautiful 1966 Vintage Shasta 1500 Canned.

1972 shasta compact layout

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Echte Zeitung von 1972
als Geschenk zum 40sten Geburtstag. Ganz persönlich und individuell
Bidding has ended on this item. 1966 Shasta 1500 Beautiful 1966 Vintage Shasta 1500 Canned Ham Travel Trailer Camper With Wings.
  • Pete's 1964 Shasta trailer -- an.

  • Continued from site: Thanks to James and Sandra for the following Shasta Compact Hotdog Stand pics in South Carolina:

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    1963 Shasta Compact - Site Two |
    April, 2005 - Our Shasta Compact. For the past year, I had been on the lookout for a small camping trailer. We wanted something on the smaller size for ease of towing
    Echte Zeitung von 1972 Top performing products 7/13/11.

    1964 Shasta Louise

    Since pretty much Day #1 of this blog, readers have been hocking me to write about restoring vintage travel trailers. Just like remodeling a midcentury house, right?

    1972 shasta compact layout

    Echte Zeitung von 1972
    I finally had decent enough weather to drag the trailer out and take the updated pictures. You will see from the pictures that I have some more work to do.